I’m based in Los Angeles, California where I have worked as a photographer since 1980 – specializing in portrait, fashion, beauty, and landscape photography for the advertising, editorial, and retail markets, in studio and on location. My experience includes working with assistants, hair & makeup artist, fashion stylists, art directors, and model agencies. In addition, I restore old photographs.
Photographers, such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and others have inspired me to become a portrait photographer and start a business. As a portrait photographer I create captivating images to bring out the personality and beauty of my subject. Sometimes the artistic pose and or composition, in which the model is portrayed, can be an escape from reality. From taking portraits, advertising products, editorial magazine spreads, documenting events, to recording family history – my photography is a visual art everyone can relate to and appreciate.
Talent alone does not make a photography business successful. My personality and the customer service that I provide to my clients makes the foundation for building my business. The talent brings knowledge, experience, and creativity to my client. A fine recipe for repeat business.
As a photographer and photo retoucher, I personally provide my clients with the best possible looking photographs they can have. There is nothing more satisfying to me than giving a client’s portrait or photo restoration my personal touch. This is what makes my business more unique than others that sets me apart from the crowd.

The mission statement of David Oswald Photography is to preserve the integrity of professional photography by maintaining a high quality of service and a reputation for honesty and fairness, conducting oneself in a professional manner and represent a client’s best interest within the limits of one’s professional responsibilities, donate time for the betterment of the profession and to advise other photographers.