DSR Asset Management Ltd is the only company dedicated to supporting investors in the worlds emerging and established property markets. We understand how difficult it can be to invest in the overseas property markets

We are one of the most influential and innovative companies in the International Property Investment arena.  We are dedicated  guiding our investors through the sometimes complex world of opportunities that the global property markets offer.

In achieving our mission, we provide a range of services including personal support, education, local expertise and access to a huge variety of properties from around the world.

Each potential global investment market is subject to extensive research conducted by our in-house research department. This ascertains whether or not the market of choice has the credentials to go on to offer strong investment opportunities.

The intricate details of a country’s economic, political and legal standing will be analysed and will have a direct bearing on whether or not the country can be considered a good investment market. All collated information is condensed into reports which are made available to both the sales team and their clients.

The procedure begins by collating general research from a range of sources including The Economist, The Financial Times, the World Travel Organisation and Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. This research will cover everything from government stability, to GDP growth and will move through consumer spending, the availability of credit, rates of urbanization and supply and demand.

Once a city and development has been selected, the sourcing team then hand back to the research department who undertake a final stage of research compiling information for the Investment Prospectus.

These uncertain times are undoubtedly producing some very exciting opportunities that were not previously available to non institutional investors. We believe this is one such opportunity.