DawnCorrespondence LLC specializes in distinctive correspondence that evokes emotions and feelings through unique design and compelling words. The company is revolutionizing the concept of written correspondence by creating unique lines of specialty cards with simplistic messaging and eclectic images that allow plenty of room for hand-written notes filled with personal emotion and sentiment.

The Richmond-Virginia based company launched its stationery line to offer something new and innovative that capitalizes on the beauty and significance of the written word. In today’s technology-laden world of communication, DawnCorrespondence has a passion to revive the unique meaning behind the hand-written word by offering an unusual line of correspondence to complement the personal feelings and emotions of the sender.

For more information about DawnCorrespondence, please contact Amanda Day at info@dawncorrespondence.com or visit http://www.dawncorrespondence.com. You can also reach Amanda at 804.357.0659.