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Robby's Quest is a children's book series about several birds that travel together across the United States, visiting new places, finding new adventures, bonding with each other and learning about this great nation. This book promotes teamwork, leadership and most importantly, friendship.

The first book "Robby's Quest for Seed" introduces the reader to the birds including Robby and Ricky, the Robins, Benny the Blackbird, Sparrows Jon, Jill and their four children and three Mourning Doves named Sal, Sid and Sky. Join the birds as they migrate south for the winter and find adventure and danger along the way. The birds must deviate from their plans and turn west to find food and shelter. They find some help along the way from a friendly Dalmatian however, they also run into a very mean-spirited cat named Hershey.

Robby's Quest - Ocean Bound will be released at the end of January 2013 and Robby's Quest - Return of the Cat will be released in the Spring of 2013.

Robby's Quest is a fun read for children of all ages.

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