Ride to monuments, museums, more! You can go inside - Lock with Bluetooth. The self-balancing SMART Scooters have adjustable handlebars, kickstand, GPS tracking, range of 14 miles, and a 15 mph speed limit. Built with reliable Segway SMART technology, this multi-terrain scooter adapts to riders height, weight, and riding style. Check out the quick training video here and see how easy it is!

Rent a scooter and ride to the National Mall, the Lincoln and all the monuments! Check out the Capital and NE. See the Wharf - the best of SW. What's new in DuPont circle and Chinatown - in Washington, DC there are so many fun things to do! Tour DC safely with dc scooters. You can ride on the sidewalk and the street - day or night. Big groups, we got you covered! Please contact us for group rentals over 10 people, Contact us for custom itineraries with navigation maps recommending DC hotspots and upcoming events.

Can't find enough dock-less bird or lime scooters for your group? Do you have an event planned in DC and want to reserve your scooters in advance? Group scooter rentals is what we do! Skip the problem of trying to find a group of charged scooters at the national mall that you must be 18 years old to ride, The solution: SMART scooters! And dc scooters will provide onsite training and support. Check out the monuments, museums and Washington DC hot spots without having to worry about someone stealing your scooter.

Don't let the weather hold you back! Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No need to cancel, you can ride in the rain. The SMART Scooter is similar to a mini Segway and has a IP54 rating. It is self-balancing (making it a great solution for disabilities) and can ride on any terrain in Washington DC. Did you forget something? Have a poncho, water bottles, travel bags, and rental helmets delivered. Request on-site training with your scooters here and check out our 2 minute training at the the monuments.