DDgig.com is a website established to answer the basic question of how to find work and workers. It makes use of the fiver clone system to ensure that the clients and service providers determine the cost of their projects. Fiver clone is a system that permits small micropayment for small jobs. It makes it relatively easy to get a job and find a worker on the net without contesting among the moguls for
fat bucks. Notable to DDgig.com is its commitment to global development. This is demonstrated by making sure the issue of language barrier is addressed. The site can be navigated by toggling among three major languages world, including English, Spanish and Italia. This feature expands the niche of users that can be listed as members to transact business on the site.
Sequel to this, there is no limit on the amount a freelancer can charge for a job to be done. Although, DDGIG takes 20% of the project cost, it ensures that every worker get paid by having the employer to pay in advance for any task to be executed and remitting the fund into the worker’s purse when the project has been completed. Meanwhile, DDGIG is presently allowing workers’ payment via PayPal and AlertPay with a promise to increase the payment options in the nearest future. While working on DDgig.com, buyers of services can pay using their credit cards, PayPal or AlertPay account to order for the services. However, a completed and confirmed order can only be cancelled by the customer service department of the website. If an order is cancelled, the seller’s revenues are promptly returned to the buyer in order to forestall any dispute. These make DDGIG services easy to use for everyone from any part of the globe. With no limit to the number of jobs that a buyer or seller of services can post, appropriate security against fraud and scam, and a link to connect on Facebook, DDGIG can be the cutting edge technology the world has been waiting for.