deFacto is a Business Performance Management product that empowers companies to achieve superior operational and financial performance. It functions like the centralized 'brain' of company's IT infrastructure, giving business managers a single point of reference for making day-to-day and strategic decisions.

deFacto offers all of the tools and capabilities needed for any business manager to quickly and easily built a performance-optimized model of their business. Any business user with no technical knowledge or training can use deFacto’s Business Modeler to automatically build a high performance, multi-dimensional model that reflects all of the financial attributes of any business operation.

deFacto then populates the model using data from systems across the company. By applying deFacto’s what-if analysis and forecasting capabilities to that model, a business user can create a financial operating plan designed to optimize the financial performance of the business operations.

Finally, using deFacto’s decision support tools including budgeting, analysis,and reporting, as well as third party BI tools, managers can, in real-time, monitor and manage the operating plan so that it meets the business unit’s financial and operational goals.  

deFacto utilizes Excel and Web technologies as its primary user interfaces. It connects business users located anywhere to their company’s shared, high performance SQLServer data warehouse hosted in a private or public cloud environment. It comes with prebuilt components for fast, easy and cost-effective deployment. Fortune 500 to Mid-Market companies use deFacto to better manage their financial and operational performance.