deZengo moore's Summary

In business as in personal, the decisions made and human associations tend to define who we "really" are.

deZengoDESIGNS works one on one to determine business goals and marketing strategies that are appropriate for YOU!

If you are start up business on a limited budget, we will teach you how to navigate through the waters and be there for you when you have questions or need referrals. Upon completion of the initial consultation - a road map of sorts will be presented. You decide how much help you want, need and can afford!

Well, we love non-profits. In our home back yard we donate graphic design as a way of life. If you believe in something and you don't have the money yourself to contribute - then contribute your talents.
So you will see our designers, artists, musicians and yoga teachers donating time to the cause of their choice. And that's exactly how it should be in our minds!

OK. We are softies! When at all possible we support Indy Artists and Efforts. The reasons are too many to list - if you really want to know, just ask. My personal experience with the people in & around Fall Creek Falls State Park has brought an awareness to "arts" that were often overlooked because many of them had function as well. Good Stuff! Another favorite is those Indy Artists & Promoters out on the West Coast, the Namasteezy Spirit. We have worked and collaborated on several projects with success.

Stress, anxiety, overweight, depressed, desk job aches and pains, cancer coach... You are not alone - of that I can promise. This is probably my (the owner's) favorite part!

Yoga & Zumba Classes Available

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Advertising & Marketing

Illustrations & Painting

Project Management

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