VNG | The #1 Internet Corporation in Vietnam with slogan “Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives.”
• Established in September 2004, HQ in Ho Chi Minh City
• More than 9M gamers covering 75% Vietnam gamer base
• More than 20M unique visitors with 60% reached by Vietnam internet user
• Feb 2014, VNG was voted in the top "100 best places to work in Vietnam" by AC Nielsen and Anphabe.
• Got successful products, including games (Vo Lam Truyen Ky, Gunny, Dead Target, Khu Vuon Tren May etc.), e-commerce
(123.vn), entertainment (Zing products) and OTT (Zalo – reach 40M users).

Dead Target is one of the successful games in VNG. We got 18M downloads on 4 platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon)

Android:                http://bit.ly/dt_a
Windows Phone: http://bit.ly/dt_wp
iOS:                        http://bit.ly/dt_i