Up and coming music producer DEAFPROOFBEATS is the absolute best online source for your rap and r&b beats and instrumentals. Deafproofbeats has his own unique style and charges less than the other top-notch beat makers. AND, all tagged beats are FREE DOWNLOADS! Deafproofbeats tries to provide a different musical experience for his fans and customers by NOT following the same exact formula that everyone else uses to make beats. Even though some elements of rap and r&b beats and instrumentals are constant and familiar, Deafproofbeats finds new and different ways to use them. His beats are also not over-crowded with effects and they do not insult your intelligence by sounding too similar to each other. Deafproofbeats can be found many places, his online presence is growing by the minute. His Facebook fan page can be found by searching "deafproofbeats" on Facebook, his official Twitter account is @deafproofbeats, and his YouTube channel can be found by searching "deafproofbeats" on YouTube. His Facebook fan page has upwards of 1300 "LIKES", which may not seem like much, but it is FAR more than most of the rappers in the city who you would THINK would surpass a "Producer"...

Deafproofbeats started out on ReverbNation (which he is still present on, currently #27 in the Local charts for Dayton, Ohio) trying to build his name and his fan base. He definitely got a good start and began to build momentum. Local/Statewide musicians (mainly Rap and R&B) began requesting to use his instrumentals, which he would let them do for no charge at first. As Deafproofbeats began to become a part of the music scene, he could be found out and about at various shows and events developing relationships with artists and fans alike. This is one of the biggest things that helped him get attention and notoriety because he was/is more visible than most other beat makers or producers. Deafproofbeats promotes himself as an artist and as a public figure as well as a beat maker, and he also is the host and co-creator of Dayton Ohio's first and only Beat Battle event entitled BEATS 4 THE STREETS: DAYTON'S OFFICIAL BEAT BATTLE. Everything up until now has led up to his biggest project though, which is his website where his beats are available for sale/use. $15 Leases are offered, as well as $150 Exclusives. If you are looking for the next big thing in Music Production, please visit http://www.deafproofbeats.com and you will hear the difference between Deafproofbeats and the rest.

DEAFPROOFBEATS DOTCOM @deafproofbeats on TWITTER "deafproofbeats" on FACEBOOK