The Deafwhale Society, Inc. is one of the oldest marine mammal conservation groups in the world. We were first charted in 1972 as the Moby Dick Society. We changed our name in 1982 to the Deafwhale Society when we realized that deafness was a major cause of whale and dolphin mortality.  We coined the term, "a deaf whale is a dead whale."

After changing our name, we established as our exclusive mission the task of  solving the centuries-old mystery of why pods of whales and dolphins live strand themselves on beaches around the world.

We have now accomplished this mission.

Pods of outwardly healthy whales and dolphin live strand on beaches because they have lost their sense of direction due to barosinusitis induced during a feeding dive by rapid and excessive changes in ambient pressure above the epicenter of certain undersea earthquakes.  The injured, non-navigating pod members are simply swimming with the flow of the surface currents when they go ashore.