We are an independent property search and relocation business, providing support to both corporate and private clients wishing to relocate to Yorkshire.

We are ideally placed to help you settle in Yorkshire as we live in the popular commuter corridor between Leeds and Skipton and are close to the golden triangle of Harrogate, York and Leeds.  Whilst specialising in these areas, we can also help with other parts of Yorkshire, including the Dales, Yorkshire Moors and Coast.

Whether you are a company relocating an employee or a private individual seeking a family home, looking for somewhere for retirement or to rent out for investment purposes, we will do everything we possibly can to find  the ideal property for you because we know how important it is to get things right.

We pay great attention to detail and take pride in providing a personal service in a way that  larger businesses may find more difficult to do.

Straight Home is run and managed by husband and wife team Richard and Sally Griffin and offers bespoke property search and relocation services to assist both corporate and private clients.

We know exactly how stressful relocating is because we have done it!  We relocated ourselves from Hampshire to Yorkshire and know exactly what is involved in the whole process.  In addition, we have successfully relocated several members of our family from Berkshire to Yorkshire.

We have always been interested in property and, in the past, we have bought and sold property for profit and even built from scratch!  Thus we have experience in searching for the right property and dealing with professionals in this field.

Our business enables us to combine the two things we are passionate about - helping people and looking at property.  We believe in being completely honest, hardworking and thorough, putting ourselves in our clients' shoes so as to provide the kind of service we would like to receive ourselves.  

Straight Home Property Search and Relocation Services offers bespoke solutions for employers.  Whether you are looking to relocate an employee to Yorkshire or simply need more detailed information about the local area we can help.

Please take a look at our Standard Services page to see the range of assistance we can provide to make your job easier and to ensure that your employee's relocation proceeds smoothly.

Most HR departments do not have the time to deal with the relocation of employees on a daily basis, so having our help can take away a lot of stress!

We will do the searching for you, deal with rental/estate agents and negotiate and secure the lease.  Not only do you get someone with local knowlege to tap into at anytime, but you will also avoid a lot of wasted time thus allowing you to give greater attention to your other responsibilities.

Having the benefit of our comprehensive support, an employee will be better able to settle down quickly in his or her new location which, in turn, will allow them to embark on a new job with fewer worries and distractions.

Anyone who has moved house knows it is one of the top ten most stressful undertakings in life.  Moving house and relocating to a completely different area at the same time can be a nightmare.  Where do you start looking for a home in an unfamiliar area where you possibly know no one?

Househunting itself can be a frustrating experience as you may be shown around properties that clearly do not meet your brief or that are out of your price range.  Add to this all the time, effort and expense involved in looking for and viewing properties that may be quite some distance from your current home, then the whole experience can leave you exhausted and discouraged.

In addition, having found a suitable property, the process of making an offer and instructing and chasing up the relevant professionals can create further stress.  One of the main advantages of using a buying agent is that we can take a huge amount of worry off your shoulders by keeping you informed as to the progress of the sale as well as by chasing up estate agents and solicitors where necessary.  Indeed, in some cases, we may even be able to save you money by negotiating a better purchase price for you.

If you know what sort of property you want, how much you wish to pay and where you want to buy or rent but do not have the time to spend looking or you live in another region or overseas, you can engage us to find a home for you.  This can save you considerable time, trouble and money, particularly if you have special or unusual requirements.