Shopping on DealsComing, do a smart buy!! Here we have several ways to save your packet. What's more awesome, you can enjoy all the discounts at the same time!

1. Bundle discount

Buy as bundle, save more!

We offer many bundles, especially for R4 series and other flash cards. Let's set an example: if you are going to buy R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi/ DS with 4GB microSDHC card, Frist, you need to find R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi/ DS, then you will see there are four options for SD Card. No Card means you just buy R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi/ DS, 4GB Micro SDHC Card means you will have R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi/ DS with 4GB. That is what you want. so choose 4GB Micro SDHC.

We found many customer buy R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi/ DS, then go to Memory card category to buy 4GB card. In this way, price will be a bit expensive than buy bundles. Well, if you can use our website function well, you will save your packet!


2. Quantity  discount

Buy more, save more!

We offer quantity discount for many items, you can get up to 15% discount. The discount varies according to the product and the quantity.


3. Loyalty program

Also know as your reward ponits/ vouchers. It works as:

Ratio $ = 1 reward point.
1 point =
$ for the discount.

Points are awarded when the order is Delivered and canceled when the order is Canceled.

For a period, if we think you have got your package, we will change your order status to Delivered so you can enjoy this program. This period usually means: 1-2 weeks if shipped by DHL, TNT, EMS express, 3-4 weeks if shipped by air mail service.



4. Referral program

Get a discount of 8% for you and your friends by recommending this Website.

To become a sponsor of this program, you need to have completed at least 1 order. Then you sponsor 8 friends. Login your account,click Referral program and sponsor your friends now! It's quick and it's easy. Just fill in the first name, last name, and e-mail address(es) of your friend(s).When one of them makes at least 1 order, he or she will receive 8% credit and you will receive your own credit slip worth 8%. Share this dicount with your friends!