Dear Divorce Coach is your “Go to” place where you can find much of the information you need as you navigate the often chaotic world of Separation and Divorce. We have included information about how to get legal help, manage financial matters, navigate the emotional maze, think about parenting and get support for it, and much much more!

At deardivorcecoach.com you will find many divorce resources, including divorce coaching from Certified Divorce Coaches Cherie Morris and Vicki Vollweiler. Dear Divorce Coach strives to help and guide you no matter where you are in this arduous process–whether you are in the early stages of considering divorce, in the midst of separation or dealing with post-divorce issues.

Both Cherie and Vicki are Certified Divorce Coaches with advanced graduate degrees as well as extensive experience in Separation and Divorce. We believe, however, that it’s just as important that we are both divorced parents who understand that divorce is not a decision taken lightly or navigated easily. Whether you have contemplated divorce for years or discovered only recently that you or your spouse wants a divorce, it is often a confusing and chaotic time. Dear Divorce Coach is the “go to” resource that will help you get what you need: for yourself, for your family and for your future…all in a healthy way.

This site was founded as a place for learning, for belonging to a community and for finding the help you need with your own unique situations. And if you do not find the answers you are looking for, please submit your questions online to coach@deardivorcecoach.com. We will respond!!!

At Dear Divorce Coach, you will become empowered as you gain knowledge and make the connections that you need; both now and as you move forward. We want you to learn and share by participating in our conversations and communities. Eventually, you may choose to give back to others, too. You will survive this overwhelming time of change and we are here to help.

Vicki and Cherie