A great lifestyle doesn't just happen overnight. Lifestyle engineers, Dwan Bent-Twyford and Ayla Diamond, will teach you step by step all the tips and tricks in the real estate market to lead you to being your own boss and having the freedom you've always longed for. They help to engineer your life in all aspects including fitness, health, family, sex, relationships, business, etc.

Dwan Bent-Twyford is America's most sought after real estate investor. She's accomplished over 2,000 real estate deals and written three best sellers on the market! She's been helping distressed homeowners for over 25 years and wants to help you next!

Ayla Diamond was raised in the real estate market and has a new perspective and fresh outlook that will help you become your own boss like she did at the age of 25! She also writes poetry and novels to her many Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers.

Follow this Mother/Daughter duo into a life of success and having fun along the way!