Who are we?

With over 20 years of experience and commitment to the clients, Debt Burst helps clients manage their finances, take control of their lives, create a secure financial future and most of all become debt free. We are recognized leaders who have gone beyond your normal debt management and debt settlement services to offer assistance for our customers to maintain a debt-free and rewarding life.

We are committed to excellence and strive for outstanding customer service and support. We build long-term relationships with our clients and partners and are always seeking ways to improve their lives and share best practices and tips with you.

Why Debt Burst?

Debt Burst has helped thousands of people solve their debt issues and get on the road to financial stability. We give you the freedom to make more choices and enjoy your life to the fullest. We arm you with the tools and resources to take control and manage your finances.

No one debt relief program is good for everyone so each program is customized to fit our customer’s needs which means we work hard to get you what you need not what doesn’t make sense. We make sure your program supports you and your loved ones so that you can continue to enjoy the fruits of life stress-free.

Debt Burst is one of the few that not only offers debt management and debt settlement programs but we also offer consumer benefits plans. Consumer benefits are deep and frequently used discounts on major brands products and services. This program saves you money on groceries, travel, auto services, and gives you the option to sign-up for discount medical and dental services.  By signing up with us, we teach and give you the tools to save and expand your money.