Majestic Robot is a brand new start-up venture, based in the UK, whose aim is to create and develop useful apps and software.  Our mission is essentially to build a valuable and professional business doing something that we enjoy.

Decision buddy is our first app release.  Our app guides you through a simple free decision making process to arrive at a quick calculated outcome

What is decision buddy?
Decision buddy is a simple decision making tool that allows any number of people to make a decision quickly between any number of options.  Using a pairwise system the tool guides the user step-by-step through an easy decision making process in which each option is presented against each and every other option.  You keep picking your preferred option between two choices until all combinations have been covered.  Once everyone has voted decision buddy will count up all the votes and present the rankings giving you the best possible outcome.

What makes decision buddy different to the other decision making apps?
Decision making processes are usually very detailed and exhausting – looking at pro’s and con’s – looking at costs and benefits.  Otherwise they’re on the other end of the scale and use a random means to reach a decision – like flipping a coin.  Decision buddy is the balanced approach – your free, quick and simple alternative – a better outcome than flipping a coin and quicker than getting into the painful detail.

Decision buddy is the balanced approach to quick, free and painless decision making – not detailed but not random.