DecisionLink has developed a unique solution that generates boardroom level insight into every company operating in the US.  Driven by real data and a patent-pending analysis engine, these real-time analytics provide answers to:  Which company is a high probability prospect?  What are their business issues?  How best to approach them?  What is the high impact message to position my solution?  What value would it provide to the target company?  

DecisionLink’s offerings are a subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS).  The core suite of applications is designed around specific user roles that seamlessly drop into any enterprise sales organization’s process flow.  Additionally, the “analysis engine” has been modularized and is 100% web service enabled for use through OEM/VAR partner applications as well as the DecisionLink application suite.

This is an opportunity to revolutionize the value-based selling process by providing the essential information needed to effectively target prospects and craft highly personalized messages to a prospect’s executive teams even before a company knows they have an issue.  In addition, throughout the sales pursuit, the same solution provides ongoing insight and assessment, enabling continual validation of the selling approach, best-time buying criteria, and preservation of margin through deal closure.

Headquartered in Washington DC, DecisionLink has begun licensing the core engine to key solution partners in both the sales and technology space as well as aggressively pursuing direct sales in key industry segments.