“Decisive Moves, A Step By Step Guide For Seniors Downsizing into Retirement Living Space” was written by Decisive Moves owner/author Gretchen Robinson. The guide deals with the multitude of decisions and demands faced by seniors embarking on the challenging later life downsizing move from a home filled with years of accumulated belongings, to the limited space of a unit in a retirement community. The guidebook is based on Ms. Robinson’s years of experience providing a multi faceted downsizing service for seniors and their adult children.
Of critical importance to this emotion filled and demanding move is a concrete plan that will keep the ball rolling through each phase of the process. The “Decisive Moves” guidebook provides exactly that, spelling out how to decide what belongings to move/not move, strategies for effective sorting through a houseful of belongings, space planning and decorating ideas for the new location, and dispersal plans for the large percentage of belongings not moving. The guidebook also includes the tools and easy to follow instructions necessary for creating a furniture plan for the new location--a “map” of where the furniture will fit in the new home.
Because this move marks a significant change in lifestyle from an independent home to the interdependent or dependent setting of a community, the consequential psychological and emotional ramifications are discussed in the guidebook as important and integral issues of this transitional process. The mission of the “Decisive Moves” guide is to help seniors and their adult children gain direction and control over the decisions and demands presented by this later life move and there by reducing the anxiety and stress related to it.
The author’s varied background includes Psychiatric Nursing (BSN) and Professional Interior Design (Allied member ASID)