Mother Nature provides protection for exterior wood in the form of tree bark. When this naturally occurring protective “skin” is removed during the milling and processing of lumber, the wood is immediately vulnerable to environmental damage, primarily from moisture absorption and ultra violet radiation.

    The Wood Re New system was developed to help homeowners control this damage. “We can’t control the weather, but we can control the damage”. Our exclusive course of treatment provides you with the two most desired characteristics for the treatment of exterior wood: Protection and Appearance.

    When your unprotected deck, fence, or wood sided home gets wet, the moisture is absorbed into the wood. This results in swelling of the wood fibers as the individual cells fill-up with damaging moisture. When the wood dries, shrinking occurs as the moisture is evacuated from the wood cells. It is this continuous shrinking and swelling of the wood fibers which causes the greatest damage to exterior wood. Factor in the added shrinking and swelling caused by even the slightest temperature fluctuations, and you have the perfect recipe for expensive board replacement, major structural repairs, and embarrassing, unsightly appearance.

    Wood Re New is a natural cedar-toned wood Protector which not only makes the wood look new but also provides the strongest weather protection available in a semi-transparent. Wood Re New safely resists nature’s damage, while maintaining the natural appearance and unique characteristics of the wood.