Cigarette outlet clovecigarettesstore.com unveils new sites where people can order Indonesian brands, straight from Bali. The sites now feature a range of payment methods.

Clovecigarettesstore.com (www.clovecigarettesstore.com), one of most trusted clove Cigarettes Company based on Bali, Indonesia, announces four new websites and a variety of new payment methods. Just launched are www.indonesian-cigarettes.biz, www.kretek-cigarettes.com, www.allclovecigarettes.com and www.theclovecigarettes.com.

“Most people shopping direct with us at clovecigarettesstore.com were satisfied with our services and with the prices that we offer,” said Imaniar Herningtyas. “With so many customers dedicated and comfortable shopping with us, we launched the new websites, aimed at devotees of clove cigarettes around the world.”

In addition to the new sites, the company now accepts a range of new payment methods. Each new site now accepts payments using the following methods: credit cards, moneygrams, wire transfer, eCheck or Global payment. Each method is provided from a payment gateway.

Clove cigarettes are also known as "Kretek cigarettes." Kreteks were made by Haji Jamahri in the early 1880's, originally for medicinal purposes. The clove cigarettes processed by famous Madura Tobacco from East Java contained a mix of natural Indonesian cloves and spices, which produce a sensational exotic fragrance typical of an Indonesia tropical island.

Manufacturing Kretek cigarettes is an involved process in several places in Indonesia, melding domestic quality tobaccos with a variety of ingredients like cloves, nutmeg, flavorings and a mysterious sauce. In the early 1880, Kretek cigarettes were thought to help asthma and some used them in worship ceremonies. Starting in the early 1990s, several successful tobacco companies in Indonesia started to commercialize the Kretek to the world.

Clovecigarettesstore.com offers the freshness and famous clove cigarettes brands like: Djarum, Sampoerna, Bentoel, Gudang Garam, Wismilak, Panglima, U Mild, Marlboro Kretek, and other clove cigarette selections.

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