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We provide a platform for fishing charter boat clients to, search for and post unbiased reviews, and an avenue for business owners and captains, in the fishing industry, to share about their business.
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How to Hire the Best Fishing Charter

Deep sea fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding vacation activities there is! Monster fish, big boats, and big blue water provide the thrill of a lifetime!

Big fish often means "big money". How can you be sure that you are hiring the right deep sea charter boat, and crew? Will you land on a hot bite and catch lots of fish, or will you head home with a can of sardines? And, let's face it. Some days the fish just won't bite. If you are on a vacation schedule, and your fishing trip happens to be one of the "slow bites", a veteran charter boat captain is the only hope of filling your cooler.

Experience, gear, and attitude can make or break a fishing trip!

Deep Sea Reports offers a non-biased review system, that focuses on multiple aspects of a successful deep sea charter fishing operation. You can rate the attitude of the Captain and crew, the overall fishing experience, and the quality of the fishing vessel and tackle.

"We do not accept any amount of money for reviews, and when it comes to negative reviews, deep sea fishing captains are not able to "cull their catch"...
What do we mean by "cull their catch"? That means, captains cannot delete unfavorable reviews. In order to provide the most accurate rating, all reviews, good or bad, are calculated into an aggregate rating.