Waynesboro, PA, October 2017: DeerbustersCanada has made a name for itself in the fence industry for
helping homeowners protect home gardens with quality fences that stand up to wildlife damage. The
more DeerbustersCanada spoke to Canadian residents, the more they learned about the need for pet
fences on yards.
Now, DeerbustersCanada is pleased to announce the release of humane pet fence systems for both dogs
and cats. The pet fences are easy-to-install and are made from polypropylene and metal materials that
are safe for all dog and cat breeds to be securely behind. The pet fences available for sale through
DeerbustersCanada serve as an alternative fence solution for pet owners that do not wish to use
invisible dog fences or shock collars on animals.
Dog need ample space to roam freely in the backyard and get the 30 minutes of daily activity they need
to stay healthy. Without a dog fence, dogs risk health complications including cardiovascular disease,
diabetes and pet obesity.
“As soon as I bought my house, the first thing I purchased was a fence for my dogs. I found these fences;
and it’s keeping her in the yard.” Jennifer S.
Cat owners are surprised to learn about a cat fence enclosure on the market. Therefore, they are
surprised to learn about the Kitty Corral Cat Fence for both kittens and adult cats. This complete cat
enclosure is made from the same poly fence material as the puppy dog fences. The top, also made from
poly mesh, will stop birds from trying to hurt the cat; and the bottom is made from a wire fence to stop
chewing and digging.
"My cats had always been indoor until I found this system. I've never seen them so happy! I will never
have a cat without a cat fenced yard again." Vanessa C.
Pet fences from DeerbustersCanada are available in different heights and lengths to accommodate yard
sizes. More information is available on DeerbustersCanada.ca.
About Deerbusters Canada:
DeerBustersCanada Deer Fence supplies property owners with quality DIY garden fencing to manage
deer damage on farms and in gardens. Professional fence installers are not required to build the fences.
DeerbustersCanada.ca provides step-by-step instructions for easy fence installation. Through the years,
we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses and organizations, including Virginia
Tech University, The Philadelphia Zoo, SeaWorld, and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.
From deer and large animal fencing options to animal repellents and fencing accessories, Deerbusters
Canada is a one-stop-shop for landscape gardening needs.