Definite Journey, a recently-launched luxury tourism operator based in Saigon, is the first Vietnamese travel firm to conspicuously market ethical responsibility in the luxury tourism sector.Definite Journey CEO Minnie Wentworth is also co-founder of Compassion Hearts, a Buddhist organization dedicated to assisting the poor, elderly, and infirm in Vietnam. Wentworth directs a percentage of profits from her tourism business towards initiatives run by the charity, allowing privileged guests to make real contributions to the communities they visit.
In an industry where points of differentiation between providers are rare, DEFINITE Journey is launching a range of initiatives to complement its image as a responsible business while still offering a first-class product. Committed to providing “definitively” top-level services, all of DEFINITE Journey’s itineraries feature accommodation in the absolute premier room options at high-end properties; they also provide full travel insurance for guests, full meals at the guests’ choice of restaurants, and free beer and soft drink during transfers. DEFINITE Journey targets the absolute upper spectrum of recreational and business travelers in Vietnam, attracting customers with the choicest offerings from the country’s most up-market resorts – especially those with a sense of responsibility for Vietnamese development. Their unique product range includes City Break tours, Rejuvenative Spa tours, Wine Quest Vietnam, Thematic Wedding Packages, and specialized Business Investment Inspection tours. The company offers a full range of business-class services, including MICE facilitation, delegation hosting, helicopter and private jet transfers, and exclusive VIP handling. Other products include Golfing packages and luxury cruise bookings.