DEG Services is a diversified distributor and manufacturer of leisure products for the yard and home including Aluminum Fence Accessories, Deck and Patio Adaptors for aluminum fence accessories and Luna Wine Bottle Holders.

DEG Services is an excusive distributor for the SouthEastern United States for TRU-POSTâ„¢ aluminum fence accessories. TRU-POSTâ„¢, Inc. has recently developed a new and innovative way to attach accessories to the top of a standard hollow 2" x 2" aluminum fence post. They have designed a shaft to slide down into the post, bypassing the lateral railing allowing the mounting of available light fixture, flower basket, oil lamp and  extended hanging basket or bird feeder hook accessories.

DEG Services also designed, manufactures and distributes its Luna line of Wine Bottle Holders. These wine bottle holders uniquely hold standard 750ml wine bottles. Made of stainless steel and in powder coated or anodized aluminum they are available  in a variety of colors to match decor as well as wine bottle and wine colors.

Luna Wine Bottle Holders are suitable for both informal deck and patio settings as well as more formal settings such as dining room tables, kitchen counter tops or serving carts. They are also an excellent profit item for wine tasting rooms in wineries that can accentuate the wine product being tasted and sold. Patrons will be thrilled to be able to purchase these unique wine bottle holders with their wine purchase. Available in a variety of colors and made of stainless steel and in powder coated or anodized aluminum, these wine bottle holders highlight and compliment the wine bottle colors and color of the wine itself making the product more attractive to  prospective buyers..
The curved quarter moon shape of the Luna Wine Bottle Holders position the wine bottle with the top of the bottle in the proper downward slope with the neck passing through a round opening. The 12 colors available in their respective metal finishes are Chestnut, Red Baron Red or Sapphire in anodized aluminum, Hammertone versions in   Green, Silver and Bronze, Copper or Silver Vein, Black, Red or Gold Anodized and Brushed Stainless Steel.

Luna Wine Bottle Holders are attractive for use in home and yard settings.  In the home they can be used in formal settings such as dining room tables   or serving carts while they are as equally functional in more casual settings such as  kitchen counter tops, playroom bars or counter pass-throughs. Luna Wine Bottle Holders are also suitable for informal yard settings such as on decks, patios or around pools where they are placed on tables or serving stations.


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