DegageCorp. Is your "One Stop Shop" for complete clean room (Class100 to Class50) medical, electronic Pharmaceutical and industrial packaging bags, and tubing, specializing in medical grade nylon bags, anti static nylon bags and low and high density medical and industrial polyethylene bags, films and tubing. Our "Medical Grade," Class100 nylon bags are normally delivered within two weeks, and we have the technology to manufacture thin gauge, narrow width (down to 1/2"), low tolerance tubing, for the packaging of catheters and other critical medical devices. Our new Class100 "KleenTuff" film is as strong in 2mil as most 4 mil films, offering superior strength, high clarity, and extreme cost savings. We are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of an extraordinary line of quality Class 100 packaging films and manufacturing aids, designed specifically to eliminate the hazards of bacteria and harmful particulation, in the packaging of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and orthopedic devices.
 DegageCorp. engineered films are extruded, and bags are fabricated, inside a federally certified, 209e, 10,000 ft2, clean room (ISO/TC209), making our bags as clean on the outside as they are on the inside. Our bags, films and tubing are certifiable to NASA: JPG-5322-1 level 50-100, IEST 14644-class 5 and are manufactured and processed to meet or exceed cleanliness standards for use in an ISO 14644-1 Class 5, and Fed209e clean room. Our customers claim that our bags, film and tubing are "consistently the most clean in the industry."
 DegageCorp. manufactures and distributes under a quality system that complies with the standards of ISO 9001:2000, and our bags, film and tubing are manufactured and fabricated in an AS9000 certified environment.
 DegageCorp. clean room packaging will help you: Eliminate Contamination - Decrease Bacterial Risk - Increase Safety - Eliminate Potential Hazard - Decrease Potential Harm - Decrease Infection Liability - Reduce Mitigation - Avoid Package Contamination.
You’ll find that the DegageCorp. is easy and enjoyable to work with. We are responsive, knowledgeable, always on the cutting edge of new class 100 film development, flexible and customer driven. We strive to produce the absolute highest quality products at a very competitive price, backed up by the best sales service in the industry. Call us for all your clean room packaging needs.