Deksia is a data-informed strategic marketing agency specializing in branding, search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, social media and content creation, including website development, graphic design, photography, video and copywriting. With four nationwide offices located in Grand Rapids, Des Moines, Indianapolis and Portland, Deksia provides its clients a systematic approach to strategic planning, unprecedented measurability and accountability that drives consistent return-on-investment (ROI). As a business partner, Deksia’s inherent focus on measurability and accountability makes us unique within the marketing agency world. While digitally-focused agencies have a greater ability to analyze data and measure success, Deksia’s focus on accountability and results differs. Specifically, Deksia utilizes structured meetings, regularly set goals (aka Rocks) and tools that bake accountability into our relationship with partners and clients based on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). For example, Deksia asks clients and partners to rate every meeting. I’ve worked at 10 agencies (including two which I founded and two which I co-founded) and I’ve never experienced this level of transparency and ownership of experiences and outcomes. Another reason Deksia is an exceptional business partner is our focus on education and collaboration. We’re willing to give away some of the marketing secret sauce to better our clients and community. For example, we host free monthly Lunch & Learn webinars to inform the marketing and business community about the latest trends, most recently being Google Analytics 4 migration, marketing on the metaverse and conversion optimization best practices.