Delaney Insurance, one of the Top 10 Insurance Houses in San Bernardino, offers more than best priing on commercial insurance and personal insurance.  We offer Value added services which help your business avoid fines and penalties while reducing your potential risks, which cost you money.
Our "In House" OSHA Certified Outreach Trainer can help your company make sure it is compliant and avoid fines with the current standards while helping you become a recognized 'partner' with OSHA.
We also offer other Value Added Services which can help you get back to your primary function of making a profit.  Programs such as HR Hotlines to answer your immediate HR questions to avoid possible lawsuits.  ACA Compliance.  Loss Management Programs for all of your current losses which help control costs and close out claims, saving you money.  Safety and Compliance programs designed to help you become compliant and avoid penalties and fines.  There is much more!

Be sure to check out our website at www.delaneysolution.com to see all we offer.  You can also contact us directly at 909-481-7222 asking for Glenn Salter, V.P. Risk Management and Compliance.