Dr.Amidei and Dr. Shapira are influencial  and responsive to  patients desires. They are known for listening to their patients and responding to their needs and wants.They work together as a doctor/patient team to influence ideal dentistry.
Same day crowns are completed on site all in one appointment using state of the art CAD/CAM technology. See  April 2010 MILL OF THE MONTH at (http://www.acdna.com/ACCD/MILL_of_the_MONTH.html) . Learn more about this technology at  http://www.delanydentalcare.com/cerec.html.
Dr. Amidei has mastered this technology over the last 20 years. Both he and his partner were the first dentists in Lake County to use this form of restorative dental procedure.
IMPLANT placement AND restorative procedures(http://www.delanydentalcare.com/implants.html) all in one facility. This minimizes the hassle of travelling between offices and assures a more accurate esthetic result .
Veneer work can correct misaligned teeth but many patients are reserved about this process. They don't want to sacrifice their tooth structure. I
NVISALIGN can be used preliminarily so as to align the teeth more ideally prior to the placement of the beautiful white veneers. This reduces the amount of good tooth that needs to be removed.
Other times ,especially for patients  with stained  multiple front fillings ,no alternative is superior to cosmetic direct or indirect veneers. We have color selection swatches to choose from and together decide what compliments your smile.This always enhances your complexion too.
Headaches are common place especially in women.Does your head hurt in the morning or evening or for that matter at any time? WHY?http://www.delanydentalcare.com/migraine.html
Dr.Amidei knows why. He and his wife have five children and he certainly realizes how much worjk this can be. Often times the stresses of life like raising kids and balancing a household like most women have to do will set off underlying myofascial triggers founded in the jaw and its muscles. These triggers translate into chronic head ,neck and shoulder pain that is tagged the 'MIGRAINE HEADACHE". Often times these problems can be alleviated by aligning the jaw and providing a more relaxed mucle position.
NEUROMUSCULAR dentistry is common place at Delany Denatl Care and its benefits are amazing.http://www.delanydentalcare.com/neuromuscular.html
Call for a free screening  on whether your a candidate for this treatment. Visit HTTP://WWW.IHATEHEADACHES.COM
SNORING AND SLEEP APNEA go hand in hand. Did you know that snoring not only irritates your spouse but it irritates the snoreres ability to funtion effectively on a daily basis. Its life threatening if combined with APNEA,HYPOPNEA or RESPIRATORY EFFORT  RELATED AROUSALS(RERA's) or UPPER AIRWAY RESISTANCE SYNDROME(UARS)

Dr Amidei and Dr.Shapira have always employed the very best technicians and support team. The least tenured employee being 8 years up to the most at 22 years. This team knows exactly how to comfort you before ,during and after your dental procedures.
Give a call 847-623-5530.