Delicious! is a fresh new beauty brand from Shanghai with big ambitions, “to empower women to look better, feel better and enjoy naturally healthier skin.”

Delicious! provides its customers with luxuriously intoxicating, seasonally inspired skincare rituals – and gourmet fresh skincare products, made from the finest all natural ingredients selected from around the globe. Hand blended and rich in vitamins, nutrients and age-defying anti-oxidants. Stimulating to all the senses – while soothing for the soul.

What is Delicious!?


Delicious! creates fresh, hand-blended and seasonally inspired skin nutrition sessions that are rich in essential oils and up to 20 other all-natural ingredients. Stimulating and nutritious for the body – while soothing for the soul.

Skin is our body’s largest organ - and it needs daily care and attention. It deserves good nutrition, but typically in the big city instead it is bombarded with pollution from the water and air, and chemicals from our daily application of soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, colour cosmetics, etc.

Delicious! takes a natural approach to counteract these influences, helping your skin regain its own natural health and beauty while simultaneously relaxing you - and giving you an invigorating energy boost.

We call this Food for your Skin!


Each Delicious! treatment consists of up to 20 active ingredients - that are fresh, all-natural, and ideally certified organic.

We go back to the roots of beauty and good health by using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. We don’t offer you product full of artificial preservatives that has been sitting around on a shelf for months. Rather we custom blend daily – by hand, all of our own formulations. We focus on sourcing the freshest, purest and where possible certified organic ingredients from the finest suppliers. Many of our ingredients are sourced market fresh the same day and we put the same care into selecting our ingredients as you would in selecting food for your own family.

Just as important, we use substantial amounts of active ingredients in all our formulations and formulate them with care so you will receive a healthy dose of nutrients. If we include an ingredient you can be sure that it will have a beneficial effect.

We complement our treatments with a range of all natural, chemical free personal care products that are similarly formulated.


We know intuitively that it is not healthy to consume a lot of chemicals, but unlike food that may pass through your system, your skin absorbs chemicals directly into your bloodstream. Daily use of chemically laden soaps and lotions, application of makeup and perfumes have a direct impact on your health and can leave a residual buildup in your body. Over time this buildup can become toxic. Yuck!

Delicious! takes a different approach. We simply eliminate all artificial chemicals from our treatments and our products. Period. Instead we give you the best of nature’s bounty from around the globe. We use only the purest essential oils, plant oils, herbs, roots, nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, honeys, natural clays and more. What could be more natural?


As the seasons change, so too do our skincare needs. We have evolved as part of nature and so the plants that surround us can offer their own seasonal benefits to help address these needs. At Delicious! we create our formulations bearing this in mind - leveraging the best ingredients freshly available with each season.

We have three main lines that change seasonally:
- energizing
- brightening
- detox

and several specialty lines that are popular throughout the year
- teens and tweens
- new moms
- jet lag relief
- just for men

and just like your favourite restaurant, we love to take advantage of something fresh and new we find in the market - to give you from time to time a taste of something special.


A Delicious! treatment is not your typical facial - which frankly can be a bit dull and uninspiring. This is something completely fresh and new. We can guarantee that your skin will feel newly energized and radiant afterwards - and you will feel terrific. Don’t just listen to us though - try it and see for yourself.

Currently you can experience Delicious! exclusively in the privacy of your own home, hotel or serviced apartment in Shanghai. But look for our first Delicious! Studio - coming soon.