Our mission is to help people everywhere easily discover, buy, receive, and sell the best Korean products at reasonable prices. We vision ourselves as the ultimate match-maker between Korean sellers and global buyers, accelerating cross-border e-commerce from South Korea to your country.

Delivered Korea began as a parcel forwarding, e-commerce fulfillment, proxy shopping, and dropshipping. It adds a cross-border e-commerce service, DKSHOP. Big data collected from Delivered Korea is used to offer an easy one-stop shopping experience for buying hot and trendy Korean products for our customers overseas.

We take great delight in seeing Korean products traveling to new homes around the world; to K-pop fans, Koreans living overseas, and Korean beauty and fashion lovers. When we send you a package, just notice that we are sending it to you with a smile. We send Korean products to shoppers with warmth and happiness.