Delta Industrial Services Inc. offers 30 years of mechanical, electrical and software engineering experience in designing and building specialty web converting equipment, packaging equipment, RFID, finishing equipment, and custom automation machinery.

Our engineering, innovative technology, and experience with web handling provides a wide spectrum of custom solutions for your manufacturing process.

Ease of use and flexibility has helped make Delta Industrial a household name in the web converting / web handling and packaging industries. Delta has developed several solutions to package and pouching needs of our customers. Hot seal packaging, cold seal packaging, reciprocating heat seal packaging, and part placement packaging options are available as both standalone machines and quick change components, thanks to their modular design. Delta machines have made their homes in both large and small-scale, production and laboratory facilities specializing in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Packaging, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Automotive products, and more. Our design group provides the best solutions to meet and exceed your process requirements using innovative designs and existing technology found in our Delta Mod-Tech® Modules, Delta Mod-Tech® Converter, Crusader® Converter, and Delta Mod-Tech® Packager.

Repeatable processes ensure quality results. Using the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, our Quality System has given us the ability to increase the quality of our products and services while maintaining our unique organizational structure.

Sustainable Manufacturing Equipment

Delta Mod-Tech® Modules are the starting point of all Delta designs and are the key factor allowing Delta to provide a one stop shop for converting and packaging solutions. Mod-Tech® or Modular Technology allows Delta to provide sustainable machine designs and components that can change and grow with our customers. Our modular designs allow changeover in minutes, not days, and the ability to change between products and even industries. This is why Delta Industrial is no stranger to R&D, contract converting, and laboratory environments. Whether your focus is on packaging, converting, print finishing, or RFID, our Mod-Tech® modules will allow a flexible solution that will never collect dust.

Delta’s Mod-Tech® Modules include rotary die stations, unwind/rewinds, reciprocating and flat seal packagers, island placement or pick and place stations, laser die cutting, flexographic printing, semi rotary die cutting, digital printing, bar-code printing, quality inspection, rejection, conveyor modules and more. With these modules, it is possible to eliminate extra equipment and even entire lines with one turnkey machine that provides sustainability and flexibility for the future.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

At Delta, sustainability doesn’t stop with the flexibility of our machines. Our Mod-Tech® modules also help to minimize product waste, lower environmental impact and save our customers money. Some of our most notable material savings come from our Island Placement module, Semi Rotary Die Cut module, and Edge Laser Die cutting system. Delta’s Island Placement module can die cut parts with minimal waste and place them in a package web with proper spacing. The Semi Rotary Die Cut module uses a magnetic die roller to eliminate the need for costly, long lead, and wasteful die tooling replacements. Delta’s newest sustainable module is the Edge Laser die cutting module. Tight tolerance die cutting can be achieved and changed instantly, no tooling necessary.