Delta Strike is the manufacturer of the most fun laser tag system in the world!
We are committed to continuing this stance by maintaining our key values including creating competitive advantages for our clients, maintaining superior quality, encourage continuous learning, ongoing research & development.

Delta Strike, established in 2002 has attained leading position in laser tag industry by providing state of the laser tag equipment. Our products are built using cutting edge technology and as a result are the most reliable system.

Delta Strike Laser tag equipment is the product of years of extensive research and operator knowledge within the laser entertainment industry. We have found that the key to having the best laser tag system is delivering a fantastic game experience, reliable equipment made from highest quality materials, user friendly design and the ability to put games through faster than any other systems available. Delta Strike strives to continuously improve upon every aspect of what we do so that operators and users alike can enjoy the best experience from the most profitable equipment in the world. Our laser tag system is the perfect addition to entertainment centres that may already include ten-pin bowling, arcade games, kart racing and other entertainment attractions. Our range of equipment is enjoyed in every continent across the globe (except Antarctica…for now!), at theme parks, family entertainment centres, and standalone laser tag venues. Take a look at our range, and discover why Delta Strike delivers the best laser tag equipment in the world.

Delta Strike’s Evolution FEC and PRO models are the future of laser tag gaming.

Internal LED lights dance and flicker through a semi-transparent gray casing. The Evolution phaser looks just like a futuristic space weapon out of films
and video games. The internal lights, along with the phasers other great features, all fit into a case that is lighter than any other laser tag phaser on the market. It also maintains the strength our product is known for. We’ve only ever seen one broken outer case!

When you aren’t using your laser tag equipment, you will want it to be stored safely whilst displaying it in an attractive manner as customers are briefed on how to use it.
The Delta Strike vest mount fixes easily to any wooden surface, and serves as not only a functional way to charge your equipment, but also as a space-style theming piece.

We supply our customers with as many vest mounts as they need. They then build a cabinet to fix it to, using plans provided by us.

They might hire local contractors to build it. This way customers can customize the look of the rack or cabinet, and in conjunction with our vest mount, create a futuristic themed vesting area.
The vest-to-phaser cable simply loops over the top of the rack mount, and it hangs in place. The charging cable plugs into the vest easily, and lights up the sensors on the vest as well!

If you are looking for an efficient and profitable laser tag business, you require reliable SYSTEMS! As a Delta Strike buyer, you will have access to a wide range of system documents specifically designed for the laser tag industry. These forms have been developed and refined over years of actual laser tag operations.
The Fastest Remote in the Universe
Although games can be started and stopped using the laser tag Game Control software this makes it difficult for staff to interact naturally with your customers.Delta Strike recognized that the remote control played a very important role in insuring fast player through-put. We wanted a remote that could process more than 95% or more of the games without having to go back to the computer all the time, and here it is.
Imagine this – You are at the beginning of a game and your customers are all wearing their phaser packs.

You press the red button and simply sweep the remote in front of the 1st group, you now have a Red team. Repeat for the Blue team and players are ready to go through – it’s fast and efficient.

Alternatively – use the auto-color select mode – its even faster!

As a game plays out, operators can view both the remaining game time as well as the final game score – directly from the remote’s LCD display.

As a buyer you can take these forms and adapt them to suit your laser tag business and environment. 90% of the work has been done for you!

New buyers can hit the ground running with our professionally-designed and proven laser tag identity.

Delta Strike have created a stunning brand identity for our business clients. A style CD containing templates for this brand identity (valued in excess of US $1,000) is available free of charge with a laser tag system purchase.

These templates are provided in file formats any graphic designer can use. If required, templates can be modified to suit your individual business requirements.