My name is Sharon Demmery and my aim is to create the most innovative and stunning flower arrangements for you whilst maintaining the integrity of fresh flowers.
Because I strive to exceed your expectations; you receive beautiful, handcrafted, luxury artificial flower arrangements that beautify your home or work space.
Furthermore my artisans and I will show our love of flowers in each arrangement we make.
Whilst carefully taking the time necessary to prepare your chosen arrangement to your specifications with an amazing level of detail, we offer a diverse collection of arrangements for you to choose from.
We focus upon custom creations, and are continually adding new updates to our selection.
We are so confident in the products and service we provide we even offer a Total Satisfaction Guarantee.
Because each Demmerys arrangement has been created using only the highest premium quality materials, and then personally handcrafted to reveal the most incredible floral designs . You receive Lifelike and long-lasting arrangements that will beautify your space indefinitely.
As a result, every one of our high quality artificial flower arrangements is inspired by nature and then given a boost of creativity.
Mixing and matching colours creates something magical. From the smallest and most simple displays to elegant orchids or lilies, our floral designs offer something for everyone.
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