Here at Demmore Ltd we are specialists with all aspects of Gold trading, whether it be a bullion or spot trade.

We also deal in corporate transactions such as leasing and options.

We have been trading since 2010 starting primarily as a corporate trading company. Within a few years we soon became market leaders in this field, due primarily to our trading formula called Gold Leasing.

This trading formula enables Demmore to mix trades with retail and corporate clients, resulting in profits for both sides.

The main area that Demmore trades in is spot gold. We also offer Bullion Trading facilities which any of our clients can take advantage of.

In addition to our trading formulas, what also separates Demmore from the pack is the service we provide for all our clients. So whether you are investing £1 million or £1 you will receive the same service, as follows:

Every client will receive their own dedicated broker
Every client is guaranteed to get the best market price possible
Every client will receive regular updates throughout the process, with at least one call every 14 days with information about their trade.

These key principles of Demmore are why we are market leaders in our field, and we believe they will propel Demmore into a household name.