Denny Business Academy was created with inspiration from Richard Denny, the “millionaire maker”. The Denny Business Academy is an online business and personal development library full of up-to-the-minute material. Our members can use this material to immediately change their lives.

We specialise in achieving success through four key development areas:
management and leadership
personal success & motivation
customer care

We have chosen to work within our faculty with business people who have achieved business success and personal success/wealth for themselves. Our online academy is full of short coaching videos, audio files, white papers, books, business insights/articles and blogs that have been distilled out of many years of successful business practice and practical applications.

The Denny Business Academy is dedicated to it's members and delivering knowledge for success. We aim to deliver real business advice, business philosophies, tried and tested business methods/ideas for achieving business success and personal achievement.

Our mission is to deliver information for a lifetime TM.

Richard Denny is a founder and patron of the Denny Business Academy and remains an active influence in our direction, content, control and success.