de novo is a Customer Interaction Services Company.  We provide full outsourcing and consulting  services.  

De Novo in Latin means new beginning.   A new beginning is at the core of our company philosophy.  

The standards and expectations of your customer have changed.  Customers are no longer satisfied with legacy interactions.  The customer end user is more powerful than ever.  You need only look at recent business headlines to see examples of how the customer has changed a corporate landscape.  

The typical outsource model is cheap labor and minimal effort to provide minimal expectations.  The employees of these companies are a commodity.  

At de novo we get it!  What is it?  

Provide world class, leading edge technology that is as fluid as the customer.

Develop custom solutions that match the client and customer end user needs.  Get ahead of the trends and change on demand to keep fluid with the customer.  

Build core teams of people that are valued, compensated and feel a sense of loyalty, pride and ownership is the interactions they provide.  

Surround yourself with smart people.  Listen, learn and be proactive…