Departed Soles Brewery is a craft beer concept born from a love of beer and the desire to chase one's dream.

Brian Kulbacki, founder and brewer, has been a "beer nerd" since his days working at a college dive bar, where Busch Light was the only beer served and he yearned for something more. After spending his spare time visiting brew pubs and breweries in Boston during college, he moved to Miami, where the pursuit of craft beer became more of an obsession than a desire. With few places to turn, home brewing quickly became of interest, and upon moving home to New Jersey in 2009 it became a hobby. This hobby has led him to tour breweries throughout the world and to enroll in the American Brewers Guild Brewing School's Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering course, and brings us here today.

The name Departed Soles Brewery calls upon three things. First, it references an "inside joke," when Brian joked about selling his family business - a funeral home - to fund the start up. Next, "soles" is a reference to the brewer's fondness for sneakers... and large collection. Finally, the name Departed Soles pays tribute to Brian's best friend, who passed away on October 25, 2010, commuting in between a teaching job and a restaurant job.

Brian and Chris were nearly inseparable, and their fondness for drinking often led them to make regrettable sneaker purchases. While Brian dreamed of running a bar and could make the beer, Chris excelled with people and supplied the restaurant experience. Chris swore once Brian went to work at the funeral home, he would never leave, and now, with his memory as inspiration, Brian proudly is offering great tasting craft beer to a population that suffers from the same disease that Chris suffered from.

Departed Soles Brewery is PROUD to offer Gluten Free beer that tastes BETTER than anything those that suffer from Celiac's Disease had before their diagnosis, as well as other finally prepared craft beers.