The general philosophy of conduct for Department 7417, Inc. is to provide reliable educational information, valuable products and resources. I honestly believe that we are able to help many who seem lost in this world come to grips and live solely through their own inspiration & truth. For those who have been so far down, that it seems when you look up you still see the ground. I’ve been working hard and graciously by research, trial and error to bring some source of encouragement , information and services worthy of cause to introduce to the people, in which they may benefit from.

We have many subsidiary company's, we like to call them the offspring of Department 7417. So that you are familiar with some of our offspring we will show you 'who' they are:

Department 7417: This is the parent company and it is involved with helping others to repair and build their credit rating. It functions through the Credit Solutions Manual, a "Do-it-Yourself" credit repair program.

The Wealth Movement Group ICR# 7954: This deals with collecting silver and gold bullion assets.

Fezazz Company: This is our retail side, we focus primarily on water and air filtering systems, but we have a whole retail store available with quality and right priced items.

The Owner Financer Rescuer's Group, Inc.: This is our financial side. This is where we help people and businesses with their cash flow needs. We simply purchase promissory notes from people and/or businesses to get them the immediate cash they need in one lump sum. No matter the price.