The HR Jock, Derek Vitatoe’s affable, rock-star persona is an extension of his growth in Michigan, where both his parents instilled solid values, morals and ethics. He excelled as a student and athlete earning a full scholarship to Eastern Michigan University. At Eastern Michigan University he majored in sociology and criminal justice and dominated the gridiron of the NCAA.

Derek was just as determined off the field as he was when he was on it. After injury prohibited him from moving forward with his sports career he honed his writing skills and produced 2 non-fiction novels, With These Hands & Deacon’s Circle. He also produced a leadership guide for employees in Corporate America titled, “Pinks Slip Panic.”

An ambitious professional, Derek believes knowledge experience and passion are necessary components for success. Understanding the dynamics of human capital in a Global economy is his specialty. Recognizing, Placing and Training individuals to effectively utilize their talents is his gift. These became the template for him creating Harmony in Diversity, a recruiting, placement and training firm and developed M.V.P Manifest Vital Performance, a revolutionary Human Resource Diversity Training Program that helps professionals identify and apply techniques and procedures for accelerated business success.

He is a graduate of Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, where he received a Master’s in Human Resources, a Bachelor’s in Sociology and minored in Criminal Justice.