Access to affordable medical care for acne and anti-aging is prohibitively expensive and limited in the US. Dr. Alex Jovanovich, Chief Medical Officer at DERMACARE, is trying to change that by providing patients access to the gold standard in acne & anti-aging medication all from home at an affordable price.

It all started when Dr. Alex Jovanovich realized, as a primary care doctor, that people were not getting the right treatment for their acne because the process was too difficult or too expensive.   Since then, Dr. Alex J has treated 1000s of patients from high-school teenagers to professional runway models with the best medication available for anti-aging and acne.

More specifically, DERMACARE is a complete game changer for the skincare industry and for the 30-40 million people who suffer from acne because:

1) DERMACARE prescription medication is the gold standard in fighting and preventing acne and better than anything in stores or on infomercials. Other companies use "prescription strength" products that simply are not comparable to actual prescription medication.

2) DERMACARE is on-demand, fast, simple, & it works.   Doctors have been talking to patients on the phone for decades, but now with the rapid advancement in cell phone cameras and DERMACARE's business model people can share high quality pictures with Dr. Alex Jovanovich at any time. If you wake up in the morning with a breakout, you don't have to wait months to see a doctor. Upload your selfie, and get your prescription in 3-5 days.

3) DERMACARE direct-to-consumer business model is bringing costs down by 70%+. Medication costs are steadily increasing and people's insurance companies are not paying the price. This is leaving millions of people without access to the best prescription medication for skin care. DERMACARE does not need to mark up the medication for retailers and distributors. This is the same innovation that has allowed Warbyparker.com to offer glasses at 1/4 the price of other designer glass companies without sacrificing quality.

4) DERMACARE treatments are custom-made. This means that members of DERMACARE get the treatment that is right for their skin and the timely medical advice necessary to get the skin they deserve.  Everybody's skin is different and react differently to different medications & treatments.

5) The formulations by DERMACAER treat 90% of all acne. Since DERMACARE makes each prescription custom for each patient, patients get up to three active ingredients per formulation - all in one light and elegant moisturizing base that is proprietary to DERMACARE. Gone are the days of getting three tubes of prescription medication from the pharmacy and putting them all on your face and hoping for the best.

6) DERMACARE included the only prescription active ingredients shown to fight the appearance of wrinkles / blemishes / discoloration that come with age.

7) DERMACARE is not a product, it is a medical concierge service and costs only $20 a month.  This includes all prescriptions, consultations, and FREE refills.

8) Getting started with DERMACARE takes five minutes & can be done in 5 minutes from your phone.  To get started all you have to do is upload a selfie, answer 8 multiple choice questions, and let Dr. Alex J do the rest.  It is easy & it works.

Get started today at DERMACARE.COM.