d’Errico Studios Ltd. (DSL) is a promotional company for artists. The Company is currently focused on promoting Camilla d'Errico. Camilla is a popular and prolific urban contemporary artist working in various fields: manga and graphic novels, the Pop Surrealism fine art movement, designer art toys, and entertainment.  

In order to successfully promote and to further her brand, DSL; manufactures products bearing her art, promotes her work and merchandise at conventions, at galleries, online through social media, web 2.0, and through an online store, and other public relations avenues. In addition, DSL has developed wholesale distribution partnerships and is increasingly involved in licensing Camilla’s artwork.

DSL offers commercial solutions to clients in the form of design and illustration, publishing, characters, etc. created, designed or art directed by Camilla.

DSL is a publisher that currently publishes three titles from Camilla d'Errico: The Tanpopo series.  The series will be told over ten volumes and four collected trade paperbacks.

DSL is building a brand program around d'Errico's art brand, Helmetgirls, and taking it to market in the form of graphic novels, apparel, merchandise and interactive web media, amongst other avenues.  DSL is pursuing licensing and merchandising to further the brand at retail.