Dr. DeSalvo believes in exhausting natural methods to health challenges using the benefits of nutritional intervention, effective weight loss protocols chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy when appropriate. “I practice what I preach by eating right, using effective nutritional supplementation, and of course chiropractic care, which keeps me flexible, agile and motivated to exercise", says DeSalvo, an active tennis player at the age of 50.

DeSalvo Chiropractic & Weight Loss Center takes part in a national coalition of natural weight loss clinics known as Club Reduce(R). Club Reduce(R) has helped thousands of patients lose weight and restore natural health through cleansing and nutritional programs offered at Club Reduce(R) clinics.

"It is our mission to help patients get healthy by assessing nutritional and physical status.  Our treatment places much emphasis on healing from within using sound nutritional protocols to help our patients with weight loss and inflammation."

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