Desert Farms finds untapped value in the nutritional and economic power of camel milk. We bring camel milk to the greatest number of people who can benefit from this ancient drink for modern times. Desert Farms is enthusiastically growing a business whose products and activities set new trends and capture consumers’ passions. We work on educating consumers about its benefits; it is currently being distributed in California and is being examined as the next big "super food."

Desert Farms is the first brand in the US to commercialize the sale of camel’s milk. It is a highly nutritious whole food, having enough nutrients to sustain a person throughout the entire day. Our vision is to promote this healthy dairy beverage as the next “super food” as we support camel herders across the U.S. while striving to provide a social and therapeutic impact.

Why is Camel’s Milk considered a “super food?”

☛ Camel’s Milk is rich in Calcium and Vitamin B1

☛ Camel’s Milk is a good source of protein, potassium and phosphorus

☛ Camel’s milk has 50% less fat & saturated fat than USDA cow milk

☛ Medical studies in the PubMed database have shown that camel milk may have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that act as an anti-inflammatory with protective activities