Welcome! We are an ecofriendly woman-owned small business based in western Montana. In addition to providing writing, publishing and graphic design services, The Desiderio Gallery accepts fine art and handmade gifts. We offer custom gift baskets for every occasion, jewelry, hair accessories, clothing and more!

We also accept artwork and handmade products from third-party sellers on a portfolio basis. These items are listed free for 6 months and sold at a markup -- we don't deduct anything from the client's original asking price. Third-party clients are responsible for their own photography, copywriting, insurance, packaging and shipping arrangements. (We will provide help writing ad copy for a fee.) Portfolios may be submitted to designs@desideriogallery.com. All items must be made in the USA or Canada. Ecofriendly, natural and sustainable items preferred.

The Desiderio Gallery permits writers, designers, photographers, models, musicians and other members of the arts community to promote their events, web pages, employment opportunities and more through classified advertising purchases. Please visit our web site for details.