Design by Misha is a full service, exterior and interior design company that delivers bold, inspirational, and functional designs. Bringing excitement to life one space at a time is the passion of Design by Misha, and its founder, Misha Lindsey.

Misha is an accomplished interior and landscape designer residing in Sacramento, California. Her highly regarded ability to envision and deliver consistently extraordinary exterior and interior designs led her to become a lead designer and consultant for HGTV and DIY network television shows, including Turf Wars, Room Crashers, Yard Crashers, Bath Crashers, and House Crashers. Each of these shows has captured Misha’s unique triple-threat combination of design, construction, and computer rendering expertise, which has become the cornerstone for Design by Misha.

Misha’s beginnings in design started as a child when she grew up in a 1920’s Craftsman bungalow house featured on the cover of Sunset Magazine. She then worked ten years in the fashion industry where she consulted as a color and design expert for multinational companies throughout the western United States. Misha’s color coordination and expertise continues to be a trademark service of Design by Misha today.

Beyond the business of interior and architectural design, Misha is dedicated to serving people in need and preserving the earth’s natural beauty. She has worked on several philanthropic construction projects in Central America and the Caribbean and has committed Design by Misha to do the same. Additionally, Misha aims to utilize sustainable and reclaimed materials in all of her designs.