I started with a vision and a plan to brand my self  using  Art, my passion . My Father, my motivator always had a business mind-set and making power moves, As growing I'm learning and evolving everyday how to become my own business. In High School to College in Miami “Art” has been the glamor in my veins. With my Graphic Design background I knew I wanted more from the Fashion world!  Over a year ago I started a jewelry line "Royal Luxx" designing & hand-making all my luxurious body jewels.  I decided to expand my brand, test my talent and chase my dreams that had been lingering inside of me for years. I pulled out my sketchbook and started to fill the pages with my ideas. Showing what makes me happy and using the talent God has blessed me with is what I am grateful for. Thank you all for following my journey and the inspiration and words of support I receive! This is my Hello to you , Welcome to my world Xo!