DeskPing is a web-based marketing service that allows you to engage your readers via permission-based marketing.

The DeskPing marketing service allows you to:

   *   Use it as a Direct to Desktop Sequential Marketing solution instead of email. So instead of presenting your web visitors with an autoresponder web form for their opt-in, provide them with a one-click DeskPing subscription button to download and install your private DeskPing Communication channel. Then you can deliver your marketing messages 100% of the time with rich, engaging multimedia messages.

   * Use it host and stream your Web Audio or Web Video to build trust with your readers via your your websites, emails or blogs

   * Use it to host and record your reservationless Conference Calls.

   * Use it to host Voice Box Messages or create Sizzle Lines for your advertising.

   * Use it to host Voice Mail Messaging tree as an information line.

   * Or use it as a complete marketing solution for your business.

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