Shot on location against a majestic Alaskan backdrop, Detective Detective Detective is a comedy about three estranged brothers playing detectives in a low-budget live action role-playing mystery game set up by an overzealous Game Master.

Tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of world-renown, reclusive author Adrian Belmont, they run into trouble with the mythological Qalupaliks, a band of terrifying Inuit creatures that paralyze their victims and devour their children.

As the detectives are challenged with increasingly difficult puzzles within the game that take away their senses (vision, hearing, talking), they are forced to rely on one another, and find a long-gestating real-world conflict coming out in the game's world. In the end, in order to find the missing author, they may first need to find their missing brotherhood.

Detective Detective Detective is produced & directed by Justin Edwards, and co-written by Justin and his brother Michael Edwards. The film stars Adam McCabe (Bangarang!, Adult Swim), Henry Kaiser (UCB's Quick & Funny Musicals), and Matthew Clay (Chaos Comedy, Note The Whale).