Too easy and handy to be a bag - but a brilliant way to carry valuables. Too useful to be just a fashion item - but stylish and funky.

Never again will you have to rummage around in a bag looking for keys or a
ringing mobile phone.

Perfect for a hundred different situations where a bag is too much of a
hassle but where pockets are not enough – on a bike, in the disco, walking
through town.

Dieter Guldin and Tobias Breyer designed the bandee together and are
marketing it from a small office in the center of Berlin.

It has amassed a collection of awards for design, of which they are proud.
But the joy of the bandee is the simple idea and effective realization.

Dieter Guldin said, “I designed the bandee to be a basic accessory for
anyone who doesn’t want to carry a bag, but has things they want to carry
which do not easily fit into pockets.

“It is adjustable so it fits anyone, and we spent a long time getting the
details just right. It goes over one shoulder like a sash and we have done
things like fit a bit of neoprene at the shoulder contact point so it does
not slip around.”

Each bandee has a removable pocket for a mobile phone – with a clip to make
sure it cannot be torn off in a crowd, and other pockets for keys and things
– as well as a secret inside zipped pocket for the most valuable papers or

They come in a range of colours and designs. Companies can even order in
bulk and have their logo or slogan printed on them.

“We have worked hard to get this just right,” said Guldin. “We’re totally
confident of the bandee and now just need to spread the word.”

A string of design awards have helped to launch the name, and within such
circles, the bandee is already well known.

Perhaps the most well known is the red dot award, given for design, but this
is joined on the walls of the bandee office by the Plus X award which was
given for functionality of the product, while the ispo brandnewaward is for
the innovation in its design. The bandee has even won a Promotional Gift
Award as the potential for using it as a marketing tool was recognized.

“The advantage is that people considering the bandee can see the awards we
have won and realize that this is not some fly-by-night operation. The
serious thought and work we put into creating it is already paying off,”
said Guldin.